Web analytics equip you with tools to analyse the behaviour pattern of online visitors. This helps in making better decisions and adjusting existing plans to get more out of them. Statistics is the data that tells you who does what. But rough statistics won’t be of much use unless it is filtered and refined into organized information. This job of organizing information is done by web analytics.

If you know more about your website visitors, then you can deliver them better services. If you know that most of your visitors land on your homepage by clicking a certain advertisement that you run on a certain website, then you can increase the output by increasing your presence on similar other platforms. Thus, web analytics is the new age tool for marketers to find more opportunities to increase sales. There are many other tools available to get some information about user behaviour, but none of them gives as detailed information as web analytics does.

Let’s take for example an email campaign. After shooting the emails to target audience, you want to know which of the users are responding to it. With web analytics, you not only track users’ behaviour pattern in response to the campaign, but also what pages a particular user visited after landing on your website and before leaving it. If he stayed a bit longer on a certain page, then this could mean that the user was interested on that service. You can use web analytics to increase your business, improve the performance of your website, and do a lot many other things.

Whether it is a small business or a big one, tracking and following the trends of online visitors is an important step. With big companies, it is easy to hire a professional to take care of this technical part. However, a small business owner may be on a tight budget and may need to work on the web analytics on his own. Basic web analytics skills can be learnt over a small period of time with some dedicated attempts. But the real challenge is making something meaningful out of the reports and data you see. So the technical part is better left to the professionals only.