Being the biggest city and the capital of The Republic of Macedonia, Skopje is the focal point of the country’s economic activities, political events, scholastic pursuits and traditional practices. These are the reasons why there are several flights to skopje available for all those who seek to experience the wonders of this Roman destination. A travel itinerary with Skopje as one of the stops could possible make the tourist prolong his stay due to what the place has to offer.

The Alexander The Great Airport is Skopje’s international airstrip. It is situated in Petrovec and is the point of entry of at least four million vacationers annually. The year 2008 saw an increase of the influx of tourists and reached the one million mark in the year 2014. Not only does it have a nonstop link to Dubai, the airstrip also offers connections to cities in Europe like London, Brussels, Zurich, Vienna, Rome and Istanbul.

A lot of flights to skopje bring visitors to the place to see first-hand the effects of the diverse and revolutionary alterations that the city has gone through. Boasting of its hiking tracks, boating adventures and more than a few festivals throughout the year, Skopje is also best visited during spring and autumn for its pleasurable weather. Awe-inspiring sites like the Stone Bridge and Lake Marka must not be missed by sightseers.

When departing from the United States, holidaymakers can book on any of the numerous airlines serving the route. There are flights to skopje from Los Angeles, New York, Dallas, Detroit, Houston, Atlanta, Philadelphia and so much more. The services extended by a lot of airline companies make Skopje, Macedonia such an accessible tourist destination.

For those departing from Canada, New Zealand and United Kingdom, booking flights to skopje is easy through the multiple airlines traveling the route. If one is from Australia, South Africa or Singapore, flight reservations to skopje would be no trouble. Airfare deals and travel packages can be availed of by those who are in a budget and want to make the best of every excursion.

One of the best ways to enjoy the modernized living of Macedonia and the ancient reminders of the past is through flights to skopje. The fusion of new and old has been formed perfectly by the Macedonian population. Rivers, bridges and other landmarks are not hindrances to transformation but passages to progress.