Web analytics is the collection, measurement, reporting and analysing the web data so that they can be understood and the web usage can be optimized. It is not just a tool to measure web traffic but it can also be used as a market research and a business tool to improve and access the website effectiveness. They help know and understand the change in the web traffic after a new campaign on advertising a product has been launched. Web analytic gives information about the number of page views and the number of visitors to a certain website. The statistics help gauge product popularity and the impact it has created.

Web analytics has two classifications which are on-site analytics and off-site analytics. The off-site web analytics is the web analysis and measurement despite the fact that you maintain or own the website. It measures the visibility that is the share of voice, opportunity, that is the website potential audience, and the comments or the buzz, making a summary of the activities happening on the internet wholly.

The on-site web analytics will measure the behaviour of visitors once they are on your website. The behaviours include conversions and drivers such as the degree in which different pages can be associated with an online purchase. The on-site web analytics will measure your website performance in a commercial context. The data is then compared alongside other key performance indicators and them the results are used to improve the performance of the website and the marketing campaigns response.

Google analytics is one of the widely used on-site website analytics service, despite the fact that new other tools are emerging that can be used to provide additional layer of information such as session replay and heat maps. On an historical perception web analytics has so far been used to represent the on-site visitor’s measurement. Though with years progressing the meaning has turned to be blur mainly due to vendors who are producing tools that fit into both categories. If you want to monitor and measure the performance of your website then it is best if you use web analytics.