Just like meeting someone for the first time, handing over a business card and walking away is rude, posting on Facebook and not being involved in the following conversation is bad and so rude to your fans. In fact, it completely defeats the purpose in the first place. For this reason, Facebook Community Management is so important and it has its own nuances and benefits. To understand its nuances, benefits and why you need it, you first need to consider your own business. That is, what you do, what you sell, why your customers want to talk to you, and how you talk to your customers when they come into your store. Answering these questions goes a long way to identifying what you should use Facebook for, and how you should use it; but the reality remains, you still require the medium as a customer interface just like you would on the phone, through e-mail or even in person.
On the other hand, the planning process is an important part of any efficacious Facebook Page. This process is time-consuming, but one great way to streamline the process and reduce the amount of time you personally have to spend is to designate someone to be the community manager of your page. A Facebook Community Manager has admin privileges on your page and is responsible for making the page run smoothly. On a page with multiple admins, the manager is the one who manages all of the admins. If you are small or large business and have a Facebook Page, you should consider the benefits of Facebook Community Management and assign a manager for your community. The person you assign should be well acquainted with your company’s Facebook marketing strategy.
The personality of your community manager is quite important since it should fit with the audience. Your community manager should connect well with your audience and should be in a position to build a good rapport with them. Facebook marketing is all about relationships and connections with real people rather than brands. Your manager should represent your company well. Finally, when it comes to Facebook community management, you need a tailored strategy that works for your business. As time goes by, Facebook proves to be more important. You are starting to see a widening gap of those who get it and those who do not.