Various marketers utilize Google Adwords as their primary pay per click network. In addition to using Google AdWords for paid traffic to a website, it could also be used for Search Engine Optimization. There are some ways in which Google Adwords can be used for SEO.

For Keyword Research
Google Adwords are used for SEO mainly for keyword research. Keywords are the foundation of every SEO campaign, and it is essential for experts in various niches to research keywords since consumers often search for unanticipated key phrases and keywords. Therefore, it is important to know the keywords that the target audience is searching for high rankings.
To Make Sure that the Picked Keywords Convert Well
After picking keywords, it is necessary to confirm that they convert correctly. It does not matter how detailed an individual is when picking keywords because they should be tested to know if they work or not. Some keywords can have low competition levels with a high volume of global search and still not convert well.

To Get a Better CTR with the Current Rankings
Besides keyword research, Google AdWords is a valued tool for better Click Through Rate (CTR) with the current rankings. A given keyword can rank well, attract more traffic, and still fail to monetize the traffic due to low CTR. Poor title and description could cause low Click Through Rate. Google AdWords can help in achieving better CTR with the current rankings. For example, if an individual runs an AdWord campaign and is content with the conversion rates, he or she can change the ad title and description frequently until the keywords have attained the maximum CTR.

For Geographic Targeting
Another significant use of Google Adwords for SEO is geographical targeting. Sites that get more traffic from different regions can utilize Google Analytics to compare how the areas convert. An individual can invest more in locations that convert well by creating local pages for them or targeting the geo-specific keywords with good conversion rates.

Google AdWords is a significant SEO tool for advertisers, SEO experts, and publishers. It is also a great place to begin any SEO pursuits. It allows one to tap directly into Google’s traffic, websites, and blogs. AdWords save a lot of money and time used to optimize keywords.