LjubljanaTrnfest Festival! Mainly taking place in August, through out Ljubljana, Slovenia. It is a traditional international summer festival during the high tourist season in Slovenia. So it is best to book those hotels in the heart of Ljubljana early to get the best choice of location.

The majority of the festival is held at the KUD France Prešeren Arts and Culture Association on an open-air stage and also inside the venue, but you will also find many other related goings on in other corners within the centre of Ljubljana.

Theatrical events, music concerts, video projections, dance performances, and even afternoon shows for children, there is a broad range of outings to keep yourself busy. The best part being… attendance is free of charge, thus making it a choice time to research some hotels in Ljubljana.

Beginning in 1992, TRNFEST has been a great success, embodying much a variety of humorous shows, celebrated during this relaxed, end of summer festivity. Taking into consideration that at a time when the Ljubljana cultural offering goes on summer break, Trnfest still manages to unearth some fine music and artistic performances. In fact, if you haven’t started that search for hotels in Ljubljana while reading this, you may already have missed the boat!