If you are planning on booking and staying in a Slovenian hotel Ljubljana is the best place to do it. Ljubljana is one of the larger cities in Slovenia and is home to various festivals and local attractions that would delight any visitor looking for a quiet, European weekend vacation. Unlike bigger cities, Ljubljana has no world-famous attractions, but it does make up for this by having lots of Old World, European charm.

Boutique hotels are located within walking distance from the city’s main attractions.
You can find a boutique hotel located just a stone’s throw away from the Triple Bridge or the old downtown. This means that getting from one spot to the next will not take you more than a couple of minutes. Easy access to your hotel also means that you can easily walk back if ever you need a short nap in between sightseeing.

Boutique hotels are small so you are assured personalized and efficient service.
Boutique hotels are smaller, so they are more efficient, and they can serve their guests better. Boutique hotels in Ljubljana are known for their homey atmosphere and personal service. You can get to know the staff by name and they will get to know you too as well.

Boutique hotels are cheaper than larger hotels.
Boutique hotels are much smaller than larger hotels, so you can expect them to offer cheaper rates. You may not get the ultimate in luxury, but you will get homey comforts and personalized service. If you were travelling to the city on a budget, a boutique hotel would be the perfect option for you.