Facebook advertising appears on News Feed on desktops, on mobiles and the right column of Facebook on desktops. Facebook advertisement is often paired with news about social actions that you and your friends have taken, such as liking a Page. There are several advantages of advertising on Facebook such as creative control. Keep in mind; Facebook advertising is a wonderful display platform for social media advertisers because you are able to avoid ad fatigue. This can be done by using flexibility that is available and go to market with new and fresh images faster and with less work. In addition, Facebook advertising also provides you with the opportunity to hone in on your audience. You can use CRM data to create look-alike audiences by using Facebook data.

Most importantly Facebook advertising offers A/B testing capabilities. By testing your ads, you are able to make changes to your ads to improve your creativity and gain insight on what works and what doesn’t work. Testing A/B capabilities on Facebook can be done through their new split- ad testing tool. This can be found in the Power Editor. The Power Editor tool allows you to find the best audience for your ads so that you can see which one performs the best. In addition, Facebook advertising is now reaching around 745 million mobile users. This can be quite effective because it reaches millions in the palm of their hands.

There are several tips when creating an effective Facebook ad campaign such as mining audience insights. This allows you to learn about certain audiences before targeting or risking your budget on them. Another tip is to create unique ad sets for each audience. In other words, you can create separate ads and deliver them to two completely unique audiences. One other tip that is effective is using striking imagery. Instead of using a picture of your business, instead use an image that catches a person’s eyes. They will then move on and read your ad. To conclude, Facebook advertising is effective and affordable. Find out more about Facebook advertising, today and see how it can add value to your business!!