Contemporary protection techniques have allowed us to feel more secure than ever before. We can access or phones and start our cars with fingerprints and even walk through our door by showing our faces due to face recognition doors. It is amazing how much technology has developed in recent years. It enables us to live more comfortably, effortlessly and, most importantly, with more security. Right? Well, according to the recent discussions this might not be the case. Even though technology has made things more convenient for us, devices like face recognition doors are not necessarily safer.

Face recognition doors: what could possibly go wrong?

Although face recognition doors seem to be a very safe idea, this is not always the case. The biggest problem with face recognition doors and similar methods of protection is their permanence. You can always change the lock on the door if you lose your key, you can always change a password on your phone, but you can never change your face or your fingerprints. Your body parts are unique to only you and cannot simply be substituted with another face or finger. If someone were to figure out how to get into the system by replicating the shape of your face, there wouldn’t be much you could do. Although the thought of this happening seems quite farfetched, this is not really the case anymore. Take a look, for example, at social media apps and how easy it is to change your face there. By looking into your front camera, your phone is able to make you look like a completely different person. It is so easy that children can do it. But not to worry, the technology of Pirnar doors is impeccable and will keep your house safe every day and night.