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Perfecting The Ski Carving Technique

At some point during skiing lessons, it will be time to learn how to carve. Carving is a term that is used in reference to a turning technique that has the ski shifting to one side or another on its edges. In contrast to a regular parallel turn, the ski turns itself during the ski […]

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Training On a Ski Machine

Ski training during the summer season was initially very difficult for skiers but that changed with invention of home skiing equipment. Several companies worldwide now manufacture ski simulators and you can choose from basic, advanced or professional level equipment. Traditionally, most skiers used roller skis to get into shape during off-season time. However, this equipment […]

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Ski training

Getting into shape before you start the ski season is very important. That is why many people start with a ski training program which helps them get ready for skiing since it strengthens you muscles and also makes them more flexible which will comes in handy if you happen to fall. This means that if […]

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