Ski carving technique For a skier beginner it is probably impossible to imagine using the ski carving technique. You have just mastered the basic parallel turn and now it is time to move on to the carve turn, but just the though is frightening. Fortunately, the ski equipment designed for the ski carving technique is so advanced that it really helps you master everything you need to learn. And the first to invent carving was the Slovenian company, Elan.


Elan is a Slovenian company which specializes in the production of sporting goods and other products for living an active life. It is best known for its invention of the carving skis which are now widely use for the ski carving technique, but you can also find various types of snowboards in their winter dimension. The sea dimension includes the manufacturing of sailboats and motor yachts, while Elan Inventa is aimed at the development of equipment for sports facilities. The brand-name became better known in the 1970s. That was when Swedish skiing ace Ingemar Stenmark won three consecutive Alpine skiing World Cups on Elan skis that were made for the ski carving technique.

The right equipment, what’s next?

So if you have the right equipment to start the ski carving technique, is there anything else you need to know? If you try to combine your equipment with progressive teaching methods and a fitness program that works to strengthen you ski muscles, the ski carving technique will be a piece of cake for you.