When designing a luxury house, one considers every small detail and one of those details is also what door to choose. Should you choose a luxury classic door or luxury modern door? Of course, this also depends on the rest of the house you are designing, but sometimes luxury modern doors can look good on simple classic houses as well. You would probably not put luxury modern doors on a hundred-year old wooden cottage, but still a modern design offers you so much freedom in material and shape, that there should no problem in choosing the right one.

When are luxury modern doors too much?

We often say that modern architecture has gone a bit too far with its design and it is the same with doors, one might think if he or she really needs to have luxury modern doors with a shape of a half circle instead of the simple usual ones. Well luckily no one is forcing you to go outside your limits. Even though when choosing the right luxury modern doors, it is good to be bald and have innovative ideas, you can always decide when it is too much for you. Your luxury modern doors do not have to be too extravagant. You can simply choose a new material that has never been used before or maybe pick an interesting colour that makes your house entrance pop out from the rest of the house. With new technology you can always test your ideas before using them in real life, so you have no reason to be afraid to make a mistake that would cost even more money. So, if door design is something you consider important when building your dream house, you should let your imagination flow since nowadays there is almost nothing that the market cannot offer you.