If you are looking for a hotel Rovinj, maybe this will help you. Rovinj has many different hotels that you can stay at. You can find the hotels on maistra.com. Below are a few of the hotels on this site that might interest you.

Hotel Lone is a five star retreat. It is close to the beach so for those who love the ocean, this is the place to stay. The hotel features 236 rooms and 12 suites. The rooms furnishings were designed by a Croatian studio who specialize in product design. This hotel has a wellness and spa center where you can relax in their saunas, get a professional masseuse, and drink veggie and fruit juices. They also have a restaurant where you can eat local and traditional foods from the Mediterranean. For those who love to go swimming, this hotel has a curved seawater pool.

Hotel Monte Mulini is a five star hotel. It is located on top of a small hill and only a minute away from the sea. It features 113 rooms and suites. All of the rooms and suites have balconies with a view of a cove. The furniture is custom made and the bathrooms in the rooms are big and come with tropical rain showers and twin basins. The hotel has a spa and wellness center to rejuvenate your body, mind, and soul. For those who like to go swimming, their pool is surrounded by a garden and close to the Mulini beach. The beach is pebbly and overlooks the sea of the Lone Bay.

Hotel Eden features 301 rooms and 24 suites. The hotel overlooks a cove and is nestled in a forest of pines. All of the rooms feature a direct phone line, safe, carpet flooring, Wi-Fi, bathtub or shower, children’s bed, alarm clock, and more. The spa and wellness center that they have at the hotel features Mediterranean themed treatments that is carried out by their professional staff. For those who want to try eating Croatian cuisine, the hotel has a restaurant called Burin. The flavours that you will find their will give you just what you are looking for.

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