Putting a website together takes time. Some people are pure pacifists and prefer to do it all by hand. These people are craftsmen who have the time and the skills it takes to do this. The average person does not have the coding knowledge of the design abilities to do this on his own. He needs to find another solution. If he chooses WordPress, he has a wide range of plugins that will help him customize his site. He can choose from a number of pre-designed templates, or he can purchase one. Some people even make free templates available for the site. The latter is in keeping with WordPress’s open source spirit, but it does not always provide the best commercial results. If someone wants commercial results he needs to use professional Wordpress templates.

Although the standard installation allows the user to change between a few templates, there are not that many options available. These standard templates are fine for people doing a personal blog, but a small business owner or someone needs a professional-looking website for his business. Although he could spend hours looking for just the right free template for his store,, there is no guarantee that it exists.

If he wants to get the right WordPress templates without having to spend a lot of money, he needs to find someone who understands CSS, Javascript, HTML and many of the scripting languages used on the World Wide Web. He does not need to code the entire page by hand, although he may need to enter in some CSS style sheets by hand, and do some tweaking of any plugins used. These may use PHP instead of Javascript, and because computer technology develops so quickly, there may even be more languages used for web scripting time advances. Server query language, while important for the Internet, is not a scripting language. It is a database language.

Some templates can be bought for as low as $40 from a hosting company. If someone wants more than that, he needs to go to a professional designer and inquire about the designer’s prices.