A Facebook community is a great way to attract and retain customers. However, it is important to keep in mind that a person customarily has dozens, if not hundreds, of Facebook communities and pages vying for their attention. Good Facebook community management can help your page rise above the others and catch the attention of your intended audience.

It is important to post interesting content on a regular basis. However, it can be even more effective if your content has a connection to something outside of your online community. Try giving your community visitors a tangible task that they can carry out in their real lives. For example, in the case of a local business, ask visitors to bring in a photo, or a sticky note containing a personal goal, or a comment about one of your products or services. If your business is planning an event, provide materials for the event in advance to encourage people to get engaged early.

Providing your site visitors with a way to stay connected to their community as well as the world around them can also be a good way to create a feeling of community. If there is something important going on, do not ignore it. If there is an important community or world event going on and your posts seem like it is just “business as usual” at your business, it can turn visitors off. However, make sure to keep things neutral, and avoid anything that could create controversial comments and responses.

Asking site visitors for their opinions is another Facebook community management technique that some site owners forget about. This can definitely help keep people engaged, as well as to reinforce the fact that your business cares about its customers. For example, if a new product or service has recently been introduced, ask your site visitors if they have tried it yet.

Finally, it is also extremely important to “keep it real” when making posts on your community. All the Facebook community management tips in the world are not going to help if your posts sound forced, stiff, or worse yet, fake. If you want to keep visitors engaged, you need to find and maintain the proper tone for your posts. Do not try to trick your visitors into sharing and promoting your page. Instead, provide them with real reasons to stay engaged, and to share with others.

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