Technology is always developing and our world has never been as technologically advanced as it is today. Cars basically drive themselves now, we can go out to dinner without a wallet and pay with a chip that is inserted in our skin and we can click on an article of clothing on the internet only to find it on our doorstep the next day. What is more, we can now protect our personal information in a very unique way. Instead of passwords, we can use our physical features. Our phones, our cars and even our houses can now be accessed through our fingerprints or even our faces. Face recognition doors are not a thing of the future anymore and neither are keys that work using a fingerprint. We used to panic if we lost our keys. Nowadays, however, due to face recognition doors, we do not have that problem anymore. In fact, face recognition doors enable us to walk in our houses with nothing but a smile. It seems too good to be true, but fortunately, it is not.

Face recognition doors for simpler life

We are used to carrying around all sorts of things. Keys, wallet and our phone are the three most essential objects, which everyone carries around at all times. We never leave our homes without them. Face recognition doors, fingerprint locks and implanted microchip paying cards, however, eliminate the need to carry all this stuff around. We can now walk outside, start our cars and buy our groceries with our body parts. After that, we come home, walk through our face recognition doors and go to sleep safely, knowing that nobody else will be able to walk through that face recognition doors. It is only a matter of time when we will be able to call with a part of our body as well. Technology really is amazing!