I recently stayed in a hotel in Ljubljana and had a most pleasurable experience. Although finding the right hotel for me online and then making a booking over the Internet was a different story. When it came to booking a hotel, I was pleasantly surprised to find a few review sites, which are well worth sharing.

Trip Advisor.com: Travelers can type in the name of the city they wish to visit along with the check in date to get a complete list of available lodging. The site is very intuitive and will bring up a list of hotels within your budget with traveler reviews.

Hotel Guides US: Even though this obviously didn’t find my hotel in Ljubljana. It is still worth a mention. Restricted to US and Canada. You can choose hotels by city, proximity to colleges & universities, and even by local attractions.

Orbitz.com: This site is also intuitive and will pull up a listing of hotels by destination. Alongside each hotel listing is a link that brings up customer ratings and a complete review.

The hotel in Ljubljana I stayed in (Antiq Palace Hotel & SPA) was true to the review I found online, which was very pleasing. I was looking to immerse myself into a holistic experience for the mind, body and spirit. The hotel provided treatments featuring the best organic products and I can’t wait to return to my hotel in Ljubljana to unwind once more!

Check this amazing hotel for your-self. Here is the website.