Ever since its split from Yugoslavia in 1991, Slovenia has seen so much growth. From the growth of manufacturing industry to tourism, this relatively small country has a lot to offer. Said to be among the most beautiful cities in the world, Slovenia’s capital city, Ljubljana, is a place that you should visit. A beautiful city that leaves a lasting and unique impression on all its visitors, if you have never been here, then you need to contact Adria Airways, Slovenia’s national carrier, for an affordable, comfortable, and safe flight to this beautiful city. Not so big but small enough for you to enjoy a beautiful, charming, and romantic experience, make sure that you book your flight today to experience what it feels like to visit this wonderful city. Adria Airways offers a couple of flights to Slovenia. These flights are Amsterdam to Ljubljana, Manchester to Ljubljana, Paris to Ljubljana, London to Ljubljana, and Copenhagen to Ljubljana.

For someone in Amsterdam, you will be expected to board the plane at Schiphol Airport. As you know, this is the busiest airport in Netherlands and among the busiest in Europe. Therefore, it is prudent that you arrive early to avoid any inconveniences. If you are a visitor to Amsterdam and not sure how to access this airport, then here is some little help. This airport can be reached from the city center by taxi, train, or bus. To avoid being late and missing your flight, taking a train would be the best thing for you as it takes on 20 minutes thus the fastest means of transport to the airport. With the ticket only costing 139€, Adria Airways is your airline of choice.

From London, you can board our flight from Gatwick Airport. Being UKs second largest airport be prepared to arrive early for it is a busy airport too. As with Amsterdam, the fastest means of reaching this airport is via train. Other modes of transport include taxi and bus whose journey to the airport can take up to one hour or an hour and a half respectively. With the air ticket going for 139€, book us today for safe, fast, and comfortable flights to Slovenia. For more information on all our flights, visit adria.si to get to enjoy a memorable flight to or from Slovenia.