Maximum security is important in our homes. We all want to feel as safe, comfortable and protected as possible. Not only have we got valuable possessions in our houses, but we also keep priceless memories in there. Not to mention the people that we love, who are also there and could get seriously hurt by a potential intruder. Luckily, new technology has brought us the option of advanced locking mechanisms with smart locks, fingerprint access and face recognition doors. Such devices give you absolute control over who is able to enter your home and who has to stay behind closed doors. While smart locks give you the ability to access your flat by entering a code and monitor your entryway with a video camera, fingerprint and face recognition doors take your security to the next level. Anyone can enter a code if they manage to get it, but your facial features and fingerprints are unique to just you. This means that only you can decide upon which people get to step, making your home unreachable to any unwanted guests.

face recognition doors

Reliability of fingerprint and face recognition doors

Technology that enables us to unlock various items is generally quite reliable. The thing about technology, however, is that it can, in rare cases, malfunction. Although they do not often happen, errors are still possible with fingerprint and face recognition doors. According to some studies, particularly face recognition doors, are slightly less successful in recognizing women. In any case, these advanced locking mechanisms are still incredibly safe and will make your home way more secure than it would be if you were solely using a normal lock. As we all want to feel protected, this is an investment worth considering.

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