Skiing can be quite demanding on the body and make you prone to injuries. It is therefore important to incorporate a ski workout into your regime activities to ensure you are fit as a fiddle on the slopes. One important element that you need to especially work on is your balance. You will be placed off balance most of the time while you ski so the better your balance capabilities, the more self-assured you will feel on the slopes. There are several exercises that you can undertake to enhance your balance.

Leg Dead Lifts

Single deadlifts are quite effective. They strengthen your glute muscles, lower back and hamstrings. They also work on your base of support to ensure your balance is improved. The single dead-lift is performed by trying to reach your rear foot as far back as can be managed while at the same time reaching your arms forward as far as possible. You can do this with or without weights depending on your fitness level.

Leg Split Squats

These workouts mostly target your hamstring, glutes and quad muscles. They greatly improve your core strength as well as your balance. You perform this exercise with the rear foot elevated and holding dumbbells on both arms. Raise and lower your body on one foot. The key is to maintain good upright posture while going about the workout. This is aimed at preventing lower back pain and makes sure you target the right muscles in the process.

Lateral Raise on One Leg

This form of ski workout will primarily focus on your shoulder muscles but still succeed in boosting your balance since you are using only one leg as a support base. The workout is executed holding dumbbells on both sides, while balancing on one leg. You then raise straight arms out to your sides until they are parallel to the ground and lower them slowly with control.