Facebook advertising is tricky. However, there’s a few tips you should know about. Here are three good ones.

Get Attention With Facebook Offers
If you have a product or service you’re selling or if you’re trying to build an email list, then try Facebook offers. This allows you to promote deals solely to Facebook users. You can give something away for free or offer a limited time discount to users on Facebook.

Do you own a brick-and-mortar store? If so, then offer an online coupon users can print and bring to your store. All you have to do is create an advertising campaign on Facebook and target your current fans. If you’re successful, then you can target a larger audience.

Create A Catchy Ad Headline
When you create an ad, usually the ad headline will automatically be created and it will be the same as the title of your page. You don’t want to leave things as is because creating a customized headline will generate better results. Plus, the headline is the first thing people will see when your advertisement shows up in their news feed.

Make the headline as enticing as possible. Asides from that, choose a good image to use as part of your ad. If you have a good image and an enticing headline, then more people will click on your ad.

Control Advertising Costs
You want to control your Facebook advertising costs. Facebook allows you to manage your advertising manage via different methods. For example, you can bid for a desired objective, clicks or impressions but your campaign will stop when your daily or lifetime budget has been reached. A good example is if you choose to spend $20 per day on clicks. Once you have acquired $20 worth of clicks on any given day, then the campaign will stop. If you’re willing to spend $200 on a campaign, then after 10 days it will come to an end.

Set a small budget and if you get results with a campaign, then you can increase the size of your budget.

Facebook advertising is all about creating catchy headlines and taking advantage of all their advertising tools, such as creating special offers. It’s also about controlling your budget. Once you master those three, you’ll become successful with advertising on Facebook.