Luxury doors design is more than just nice form

There are many reasons to consider luxury doors design. Of course, the argument is already made for everyone interested in sleek, modern, and elegant doors that will attract the attention of the visitors. But even with the undeniable visual appeal, luxury doors design is much more than just the eye-candy. It fits the house with its function just as well as with the form. That’s why the luxury doors are popular with a wide range of users, all of them satisfied with the high standards that come with the equipment of this kind. The main attraction might really be the visual appeal, but with constant use, other advantages come to light as well. Maybe they are even more important – luxury doors design can address some specific requirements that ordinary doors can’t meet, making them the only sensible choice in various situations. In every case, it’s good to have top-quality doors, ready for years of use.

Luxury door design

What can luxury door design do for you?

One of the main advantages of the luxury doors design is its adaptability. Most of the top-tier equipment is designed and produced to meet specific requirements of the client, which means the doors will fit any role perfectly. Of course, it’s important to combine the visual styles of the exterior – luxury doors design can fit the right doors to any building, as it offers a wide range of materials, styles, and various other combination. It’s not hard to acquire some extra functionality this way, for example with using glass for transparency and illumination. In every case, luxury doors design can meet the needs of demanding clients that won’t find a good solution on the existing market. With that, the options are virtually unlimited and the best result is guaranteed.

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Grand European entry doors

Entry doors provide a glimpse into the building. Quite literally, if they have a window, but also figuratively – they are a kind of a mirror that reflects the character of the building back to the outside world. It’s necessary to choose fitting entrance doors to really get the point across. In some cases, the only solution that will really work are grand European entry doors. European style is a great choice in all kinds of environments, but they shine the most in luxurious buildings that need a fitting entrance. European entry doors are not known for subtlety or modesty, even though there are various elegant and quite humble models. It’s the choice of eccentrics that want to attract attention, especially with some of the more ornate models. European entry doors are usually rather large and provide a lot of surface, which can be used to achieve different effects – that’s why there is such a variation of styles, enhancements, and effects.

european entry doors

European entry doors for bright interiors

The best use of European entry doors is in bright and spacious interiors, especially business and public places, but also in residential building, if they are not very cramped or minimalistic in design. A large door is not always an advantage, even thought there are many convincing arguments to be made in this regard. European entry doors work best with larger buildings that also need more natural lighting. The entrance can provide some extra sunshine through the windows, but that depends on the model. There is the possibility of custom made doors that will suit the taste very well, but we can also choose from many different models that offer great functionalities in serial production. In every case, European entry doors should be used in special cases that really bring out the advantages of this style.

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Are luxury entrance doors a good idea?

When you are buying a new house and you have to renovate it you will usually have to change the doors and windows. If u want your luxury entrance doors to be outstanding it is the best if you go to a professional exterior designer to get the best result you can get. You can choose between many different styles for your luxury entrance doors.

Different types of luxurious entrance doors

The most basic doors are single doors, but we can all agree that the most luxurious entrance doors are the double french doors so you can open them really wide. Your luxury entrance door can easily be upgraded with the right type of doorknob. You can choose between many different shapes and colours, from the most classic to really unique, from gold to silver or any colour that you want. You can also choose the colour of luxury entrance doors. They can be and are usually made from wood to look really natural. If u prefer you can have them made from any type of metal and you can also have them coloured any colour that you want. Usually the luxury entrance doors are coloured in some neutral colours to make them look really expensive. They can also have some small glass windows or some ornamental cutouts. If you want them to last a long time and keep their shape and colour as new, they will have to be glazed with some coating, usually waterproof and insulation coating. If you want your luxury entrance door to really compliment appearance of your home, we advise you to match the colour and the style with your windows so it looks really put together. When buying new luxury entrance doors, you have to keep in mind that this almost an investment into your home. You cannot change your entrance every few years so you have to be careful when choosing the design. the most recommended style is classical style which will never be out of style.

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The secret dangers of face recognition doors

Contemporary protection techniques have allowed us to feel more secure than ever before. We can access or phones and start our cars with fingerprints and even walk through our door by showing our faces due to face recognition doors. It is amazing how much technology has developed in recent years. It enables us to live more comfortably, effortlessly and, most importantly, with more security. Right? Well, according to the recent discussions this might not be the case. Even though technology has made things more convenient for us, devices like face recognition doors are not necessarily safer.

Face recognition doors: what could possibly go wrong?

Although face recognition doors seem to be a very safe idea, this is not always the case. The biggest problem with face recognition doors and similar methods of protection is their permanence. You can always change the lock on the door if you lose your key, you can always change a password on your phone, but you can never change your face or your fingerprints. Your body parts are unique to only you and cannot simply be substituted with another face or finger. If someone were to figure out how to get into the system by replicating the shape of your face, there wouldn’t be much you could do. Although the thought of this happening seems quite farfetched, this is not really the case anymore. Take a look, for example, at social media apps and how easy it is to change your face there. By looking into your front camera, your phone is able to make you look like a completely different person. It is so easy that children can do it. But not to worry, the technology of Pirnar doors is impeccable and will keep your house safe every day and night.

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Should I pick something classic or modern?

When designing a luxury house, one considers every small detail and one of those details is also what door to choose. Should you choose a luxury classic door or luxury modern door? Of course, this also depends on the rest of the house you are designing, but sometimes luxury modern doors can look good on simple classic houses as well. You would probably not put luxury modern doors on a hundred-year old wooden cottage, but still a modern design offers you so much freedom in material and shape, that there should no problem in choosing the right one.

When are luxury modern doors too much?

We often say that modern architecture has gone a bit too far with its design and it is the same with doors, one might think if he or she really needs to have luxury modern doors with a shape of a half circle instead of the simple usual ones. Well luckily no one is forcing you to go outside your limits. Even though when choosing the right luxury modern doors, it is good to be bald and have innovative ideas, you can always decide when it is too much for you. Your luxury modern doors do not have to be too extravagant. You can simply choose a new material that has never been used before or maybe pick an interesting colour that makes your house entrance pop out from the rest of the house. With new technology you can always test your ideas before using them in real life, so you have no reason to be afraid to make a mistake that would cost even more money. So, if door design is something you consider important when building your dream house, you should let your imagination flow since nowadays there is almost nothing that the market cannot offer you.

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Luxury wooden doors

Nothing beats that welcoming, warm feeling of coming home after a long day of work or a week of vacation in foreign, unfamiliar place. It all starts when you get out of your car and start your way towards your entrance. The first thing you see is your front door. If you have luxury wooden doors it is even more welcoming, inviting you to a place where you can relax.

Price and environmental consciousness of luxury wooden doors

The advantages of having luxury wooden doors are numerous. Firstly, regarding the price, wooden doors are much cheaper than for example aluminium door but you get the same amount of protection. During the years, the colour of aluminium doors might start to fade due to various outdoor influences. However, if you paint your doors with a layer of special protective paint you do not have to worry about weather affecting it. Secondly, luxury wooden doors are made out of the most renewable source, wood. The decision of choosing luxury wooden doors can never be a hit or miss. Environmentally conscious people put a great deal of thinking and comparing the materials of their products and always choose the most environment friendly one. Luxury wooden doors are known for their sustainability, meaning that you will be able to enjoy them for a long time. Luxury wooden doors combine their natural beauty with their functionality. If you choose the right material, they can be a great anti-theft system. They are also a great heat insulator, which means that with the correct care you can enjoy a warm and safe home for many, many years. This is also visible in reduced heating bills, meaning that investing in quality luxury wooden doors pays off.

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Face recognition doors

Technology is always developing and our world has never been as technologically advanced as it is today. Cars basically drive themselves now, we can go out to dinner without a wallet and pay with a chip that is inserted in our skin and we can click on an article of clothing on the internet only to find it on our doorstep the next day. What is more, we can now protect our personal information in a very unique way. Instead of passwords, we can use our physical features. Our phones, our cars and even our houses can now be accessed through our fingerprints or even our faces. Face recognition doors are not a thing of the future anymore and neither are keys that work using a fingerprint. We used to panic if we lost our keys. Nowadays, however, due to face recognition doors, we do not have that problem anymore. In fact, face recognition doors enable us to walk in our houses with nothing but a smile. It seems too good to be true, but fortunately, it is not.

Face recognition doors for simpler life

We are used to carrying around all sorts of things. Keys, wallet and our phone are the three most essential objects, which everyone carries around at all times. We never leave our homes without them. Face recognition doors, fingerprint locks and implanted microchip paying cards, however, eliminate the need to carry all this stuff around. We can now walk outside, start our cars and buy our groceries with our body parts. After that, we come home, walk through our face recognition doors and go to sleep safely, knowing that nobody else will be able to walk through that face recognition doors. It is only a matter of time when we will be able to call with a part of our body as well. Technology really is amazing!

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Luxe and Locks

When it comes to a luxury home, most people think of decor such as furniture and even wall art. However, luxury is not limited to just the interior of your home. Entering your home should be a luxurious experience in and of itself. Luxury doors can set the tone for the rest of your home. There are many types to choose from and many accessories as well.

A front door can also be a statement piece within your decorating scheme. If you’re going for a more minimalistic look, the right door can be just the right of pop your interior needs. This also works really well if you’re on a smaller budget and unable to splurge on a lot of luxury items. A nice set of entry doors can actually enhance your entire home and help your other pieces look more expensive. And this doesn’t have to cost a lot of money either. Creativity can go a long way when it comes to this area of the home. Using a simple traditional door, but adding glass on either side of it can also help to add a luxurious feel to your front door.

And, if you’re more of a minimalist, there are still plenty of options to choose from, that even the most practical person would enjoy. For instance, for someone whose only concern is safety, keyless entry is a popular option. Gone are the days of having to change your locks all because you lost your keys. Simply unlock your abode by punching in a code or even by touch with biometric technology.

No matter your preference, doors can serve you in more ways than one. A contemporary wooden door with fingerprint entry, or a super modern steel door with a multi-point locking system, the choice is yours. Now, with so many choices on the market, you can have a front door with the best of all worlds in one. From large wooden doors to fingerprint scanners and even hidden door handles. Your entry doors will not just keep people out, they will also welcome people in. Check out our Prinar show room!


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How Luxury Front Doors Define Your Home

It’s every individuals dream to own their own house, and it’s on another higher level to build your own dream house. A dream that you’ve been fantasizing about since you were young. Almost everyone wants a home that is more than life imagined, a home of extreme comfort, a surplus of wants and needs, and a home of luxury and elegance.

When building our own home, our place of comfort and residence, we take into account our personal taste and the technology available. We want our home to be the best representation of who we are. This is why we hire the best designers, architects and engineers to build our place of habitation in the image that we imagine it to be.

Luxury homes are very different from your regular home. In the way that luxury homes cater not only to your needs for a comfortable life, but also caters to your every want and desire. A regular home only caters to the former.

One of the main identifiers of any house, may it be luxury or just a regular home, are its doors particularly your front, main entrance door. It is the door that will define the aura of your house, it is the door that welcomes your guests and sets the tone for your house. This is why front doors are so important in designing your home.

In Chinese Feng Shui, front doors are also considered as the entrance for luck in your home. The bigger the door is, the more luck that is allowed to enter your house. Isn’t it interesting how a singular decorative element in your house can mean so much things and can imply so much meaning to your home? So make sure that the door you pick for your main door is flawless, perfect and made with the best quality material.

When sourcing for your main entrance door, you have to find a supplier who can only offer you the best of the best. You should look for artisans whose handiwork are of top-notch quality, and only produce the best products that the world can offer. Choose your luxury doors here.

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Luxury Front Doors and The Healthy Energy It Brings

Building a house can be just as simple as building it in the olden times. Some wood, leaves and knobs – and you can build a home that would protect you from natural forces. But we live in a time that there are more sources that are available for us to utilize – and there are also technology that we can use to make building homes way more special than before. No one has time to live in an old boring home, that is why luxury homes are the new craze and every single individual that are on this train are addicted into building their very own, unique, artisan front doors. The doors are the openings to the soul of the house, that is why home designers put a lot of attention into detailing it.

The front door can mean a lot of things in Chinese Feng Shui – as a matter of fact, the front door is one of the key elements in building a home with a good flow of chi or energy. For a person that can afford to build a luxury home, that individual should pay attention into his front door. The stronger, healthier, balanced the front door is – the better the energy that is available for the inhabitants to make use of while they live in the household. For a luxury home, a bigger door would be a great asset, one for aesthetics and two for a better flow of energy. If the front door is able to create a smooth opening to the house, good energy and good chi would enter the house as well.

Front doors for luxury homes is one of the first particular things that you would notice in a luxury home – and this is after seeing an overview of the house from a far. The detail on your front door will give a lot of information on the personality of the homeowner – it also sets the whole energy and vibe of the whole home. So the home owner must make sure that the front door is perfect, clean, and strong – one must make sure that the front door is one of the strongest elements in the house. Choose your perfect door here.

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